About Northern Wind & Southern Sun

We create with the intention of having a warm heart but cool heads.

This means we try to hold two things paramount while building.

That is to empathize with our customers and our customers' businesses. When their customers are happy they are happy and then we are happy. Simple!

Having a cool head means that at the end of the day this is a business and we need to build things in a competitive manner, which means using our resources effectively and frugally. Not So Simple!

These two intentions are the foundation of Northern Cold Wind and a Souther Warm Sun.

We hope that this is apparent in the work we do. That being said there is always room to improve and we love to hear how we can be better or if you love what we do give us a shout. We love that too.

Cheers, from Norther Wind & Southern Sun Team

Ardian Ajavzi

Project Manager & Developer

Lucas Zapico

Designer & Developer

Alex Bush

Account Manager & Copy Writer

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Last-Modified: 06/25/2020