Mark'ie is an opinionated markdown journal prototype that takes a different approach to content organization and workflow.

It centers around the idea that content should be organized non-discretely. The second is to facilitate this from within the content creation workflow. This is done by the addition of Markdown flavored function


The Mark'ie experience is all about workflow and content organization. The product itself is an exploratory product meant to discover whether the ideas which it is based on are worth their persuing.

Ideas in a human mind aren't saved in a folder structure, why should content?


The challenge was how do we introduce a new way of thinking about content organization and workflow that doesn't feel overly foreign?


Our method started with ideas that the user is familiar with such as categories, but then we left out the typical hierarchical content organizational structure.

Illustration and Themes

We integrated dark, light, and warm themes to give the user the ability to control their writing experience. We complemented that with SVG illustrations that change programmatically with the theme to enhance the feel of the app.


We took inspiration from best practices from popular text editors like VScode and Atom. Enhancing the experience with easy inline syntax __c__some-cateegroy__c__ to categorize content based sorting and a markdown text editor with the preview.

Future Opportunities

We consider this a successful first push into the concept. One of the conclusions we drew while weighing the value propositions of various features is that if we decide that we want to move forward and continue to move this toward "product". We need to refactor and create documentation to make this API first. If we do this the editor becomes much more versatile as a product. Such as functioning as a CMS and the opportunities to be a web app text editor for google drive Markdown files. As well as just being much more user friendly because all of the data would be reality available through simple API calls.


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Last-Modified: 06/25/2020