Yoga of Words

Yoga of Words is an uplifting poetry and prose experience centralized around a reading experience met to release the audience from the noise of life. Allowing the reader to relax and be restored by heartfelt words.


We started by exploring the idea behind Yoga of Words, what was the impact they wanted to share with the audience. We knew if we wanted to create something engaging, we needed to think on and compliment what a prose reading experience is. With this in mind, we created a refined digital presence that feels welcoming and keeps the prose at the center.


How do we create a digital experience that has the functionality and features we expect in a website without undermining an elegant prose experience?


Our driving principle on this project was that whatever we developed has to support or enhance the prose reading experience. We started by looking at instances of amazing prose experiences in the physical world starting with "English Masterpieces - Modern Poetry" that we had on our bookshelf. Then we examined various art installations that also featured a prose focus. From this there it was clear that minimalism was paramount thus allowing the prose to breathe and be the center.

Illustration and Art Direction

We looked into various art and illustrations that could compliment prose without either being ostentatious or overly opinionated symbolically thereby taking away from the prose. We settled on fine art illustrations of flowers as flowers have enough breathed of symbolism to match any prose theme while staying as a compliment not a distraction.


We culminated in a minimalist reading experience where each prose is accompanied by a floral illustration allowing the reader to have a singular and completely curated relationship with the words. We enhanced the experience through email engagement with Mailchimp creating an automated branded welcoming email and automated weekly prose post updated.


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Last-Modified: 06/25/2020